About John

John has had a camera in his hand since he was 13 years old. His passion for photography was handed down to him from his mother at a much younger age though. As a child, John grew up watching his mother document life through the lens of a 35mm Konica. “I loved sitting on the floor and sorting through all her photos. I always thought that photography was such a great way to capture life.” On his 13th birthday, John’s parents gave him his first camera and his passion only grew from there. Throughout high school, he took photography classes and learned the art of developing B&W film in the school dark room. One of his most memorable shots that is currently hanging in his father’s office is a picture of two policemen on horseback patrolling the streets during the 2000 New York Yankees World Series victory parade. “I remember that day as if it were yesterday. The officers were idle on their horses and overlooking the crowd. I took the shot from behind with many cheering Yankee fans in the background.  “The contrast between the peacefulness of the officers on their horses verse the energy and pure bliss of all the fans in front of them is what makes it such an interesting photograph.”

After high school, John took some time off from photography to focus on his studies and other college activities. He renewed his passion after college, once he moved to New York City. He found great joy in shooting on the streets of Manhattan. “Each neighborhood of the city had its own character and feeling that I was able to capture through my lens”.  John had the opportunity to attend a private photography school in 2005 (Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, CA) but decided not to attend as he felt that the timing was not right to make such a big move.  He looks back on that choice with some regret, as he knows it would have been a fantastic experience.  John is 100% self taught and has learned a great deal from his 20 plus years of shooting.  He also gives credit to the many people he has come across within the field of photography who have been great learning resources as well.  

“With a camera in my hand, I always seem to find a smile on my face.”  – John Dolle

My Mom & I at Art Miami 2017.  Thanks mom for helping me find my inspiration.  : )